KARENNI - Winner of the European Publishers Award for Photography 1998,
published simultaneously in five different language editions:

Karenni, the Forgotten War of a Nation Besieged
English language edition - Dewi Lewis Publishing - ISBN 1-899235-96-5

Karenni, la Lutte d'un Peuple en Birmanie
French language edition - Éditions Hazan - ISBN 2-85025-599-8

Karenni, Guerilla in Burma
German language edition - Umschau/Braus - ISBN 3-8295-6802-9

Karenni, la Guerra Ignorada de una Nación Asediada
Spanish language edition - Lunwerg Editores - ISBN 84-7782-519-X

Karenni, la Guerra Dimenticata di una Nazione Assediata
Italian language edition - Peliti Associati - ISBN88-85121-47-0


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Exhibitions of the photographs shown on this website are available for hire; the prints are made on silver gelatin fibre-based photographic paper by the photographer and are usually 30cm x 40cm.


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